Dynamic Design buys carbon offsets for all our employees to cover their commute to work.

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What does TerraPass do?

TerraPass is a resource for those looking to meet the challenge of global warming by taking responsibility for their own carbon emissions. With TerraPass, you can calculate your carbon footprint and find ways to reduce it with energy-saving tips and ideas. Through TerraPass, you can also balance your emissions by funding clean energy and carbon reduction projects that help to fight global warming.

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a certificate representing the reduction of one metric ton (2,205 lbs) of carbon dioxide emissions, the principal cause of global warming. Although complex in practice, carbon offsets are fairly simple in theory. If you develop a project that reduces carbon dioxide emissions, every ton of emissions reduced results in the creation of one carbon offset. Project developers can then sell these offsets to finance their projects.

What is a carbon footprint?

Your “carbon footprint” represents the sum total of all the greenhouse gases you personally are responsible for putting in the atmosphere. The term carbon footprint is named after carbon dioxide, the principal cause of global warming.